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Raffle Tickets Sales to Win Ole Black Rose Going Strong

ARE YOU READY TO RAFFLE? Raffle tickets sales to win Ole Black Rose -- a 1987 Harley-Davidson FXR motorcycle customized by our young men and women -- are going strong!

This beautiful bike is the product of 16 weeks of our youth working diligently under the guidance of Jeremy Colchin of Black Rose Machine Shop Inc.

They dismantled, redesigned, rebuilt and customized this motorcycle as part of the Helping with Horsepower Bike Rebuild program.

Tickets are $20 each, 3 for $50 or 6 for $100 and can be purchased from any Home employee as well as at the following events throughout this summer. You can also contact Kelley at 402-457-7165 or klewis@omahahomeforboys.org to buy tickets.

The winner will be announced at our Restoring Hearts with Bike Parts fundraising celebration Thursday, September 25, at Hilton-Omaha. Tickets are currently available for purchase ONLINE.